Yellowhouse COVID-19 Update

April, 2021: Face-to-face courses remain Virtual in 2021, reviewed monthly based on key customer availability to attend public training. Hybrid mode is offered using Microsoft Teams.
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NB: we can run face-to-face courses for your groups in your office, using your COVID-19 policies..

March 31, 2020: All Yellowhouse Face-to-face training courses are now Virtual. 
In the event of any impact related to COVID-19, we will take actions to protect our customers and stakeholders. To date, there are very few infections in Queensland and no disruptions.

However, we understand that some customers may have concerns based on company/government advice and restrictions. Please contact us with your concerns.

  1. Community: We will support government decisions and advice to minimise social contact and exercise caution in the broader community.
  2. Customers: We will act to protect your interests in the event of any impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Where possible, we will arrange virtual training or deferred courses.
  3. Facilitators: We will ensure out facilitators are virus-free. In the event of infection, the trainer will remove from the class and go through the Queensland Health requirements. If we cannot replace a facilitator during a course, we may be able to continue a course in Virtual mode.

This statement will be updated as needed.

Yellowhouse COVID-19 Policy