Agile Consulting


Agile consulting and coaching to assist with change and implementation

The main reasons more of enterprises are ‘going agile’ are:

  • accelerating product delivery
  • enhancing the ability to manage changing priorities

While agile take-up is increasing, there are still obstacles to overcome. Key barriers usually hinge around culture, including the ability to change, general resistance to change, and management support. Interestingly, company culture is a common reason for failed agile projects.

Once these barriers are overcome, the limiting factor is often the availability of personnel with the necessary agile experience.

We provide agile consultants, scrum masters, coaches and facilitators to assist with adopting agile. We also help you align your current methodologies with agile practices.

Don’t throw out PRINCE2 or your PMBoK model to go agile – you will need an integrated approach. Don’t forget your PMO can help.

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