Programme Management is about coordinating strategic organizational change

MSP® provides a pragmatic approach to programme management which ensures that a strong leadership and governance structure is established and maintained.

MSP Foundation for an overview of managing strategic change with programme management

MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) seeks to bring about this change through the coordinated management of projects that change an organization to achieve benefits of strategic importance.

There is a 1 hour multiple choice Foundation Exam (50% pass mark).

The Foundation course covers all the MSP syllabus areas

  • Overview of MSP – the context of programme management
  • Seven Principles
  • Six Transformational Flow Processes: Identify a Programme, Define a Programme, Manage the Tranches, Deliver the Capability, Realize the Benefits, Closing a Programme
  • Nine Governance Themes: Organization, Vision, Leadership and Stakeholders, Benefits Management, Blueprint, Planning and Control, Business Case, Risk and Issues, Quality and Assurance
  • Business Change Management
  • Implementing MSP

Delivery Method

The MSP Foundation course can be completed in 3 days including the Foundation Exam for international certification.

We also provide online courses, with online exams available

MSP Practitioner Upgrade to increase your understanding of strategic change initiatives

After completing the 3-day Foundation course and Foundation exam, our Practitioner workshops provide a deeper grasp of MSP and how to apply it to your environment.

There is a 2.5 hour open book multiple choice Practitioner Exam (50% pass mark).

Delivery Method

The MSP Practitioner Upgrade course can be completed in 1.5 days including the Practitioner Exam.

We also provide online courses, with online exams available.

MSP Advanced Practitioner is a 2.5 day in-depth workshop, with a 3 hour open book exam, based on an extensive scenario.

The MSP Advanced Practitioner certification is the next step for programme managers and aimed at those who can demonstrate they are able to lead and manage a programme of transformational change.

The Advanced Practitioner Exam is a written paper and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding, experience and knowledge to resolve a complex programme.

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Buy the MSP Official Textbook here ($120 +GST) Free Shipping
NB: One copy included with Foundation & Foundation/Practitioner courses.

Yellowhouse is an MSP® ATO (Accredited Training Organization)
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