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A Guide to

$70 +GST
Official AgileSHIFT® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113316106


$180 +GST
Official PRINCE2 Agile® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113314683

Managing Successful
Projects with PRINCE2®

$160 +GST
Official PRINCE2® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113315345

MSP®: Managing
Successful Programmes

$120 +GST
Official MSP® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113313280

P3O®: Portfolio, Programme
and Project Offices

$120 +GST
Official P3O® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113314232

MoP®: Management
of Portfolios

$120 +GST
Official MoP® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113312955

M_o_R®: Management
of Risk

$120 +GST
Official M_o_R® Textbook
ISBN: 9780113312757


$30 +GST
Official ITIL® 4 Foundation Handbook
ISBN: 9780113316069

ITIL® Service
Strategy (SS)

$160 +GST
Official ITIL® SS Textbook
ISBN: 9780113313105

ITIL® Service
Design (SD)

$160 +GST
Official ITIL® SD Textbook
ISBN: 9780113313112

ITIL® Service
Transition (ST)

$160 +GST
Official ITIL® ST Textbook
ISBN: 9780113313129

ITIL® Service
Operation (SO)

$160 +GST
Official ITIL® SO Textbook
ISBN: 9780113313136

ITIL® Continual
Service Improvement (CSI)

$160 +GST
Official ITIL® CSI Textbook
ISBN: 9780113313143