PMOs get more Value

PMOs get more Value with Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices guidance with P3O®: 2013

Most organizations are seeking to get better value from their projects, and better support for changes initiatives though a modern PMO model.
Typically, a PMO will start as a repository for tools and methods and some planning support – but there’s a lot more that can be done.
A good PMO will improve efficiency with better project selection, streamlined templates and decision gates and better information flow.
Better Delivery support through key resources and a streamlined process to assist with project selection and planning and delivery.
Strategic decision support as a Portfolio office with rolled up Dashboard Reports to facilitate better investment decisions
Streamlined reporting with simple or advanced tools – the modern PPM solutions can be set up and operational in a week with ‘input it once’ data reporting, making it easier for PMs to report and faster for PMOs to roll up information into dashboards for better decision making.
More projects completed on time and budget – or stopped if they clearly don’t deliver any value.
The purpose of the Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) guidance is to provide universally applicable guidance that will enable individuals and organizations to successfully establish, develop and maintain appropriate business support structures that will allow:
  • Informed senior management decision making on strategic alignment, prioritization, risk management, optimization of resource, etc to successfully deliver their business objectives
  • Identification and realization of business outcomes and benefits via programmes
  • Successful delivery of project outputs that enable benefits within time, cost and quality restraints.

There is a big focus on Adding Value – What value P3Os can bring to the PMO and the organisation including a business case, funding models and performance measures.

At Yellowhouse we have been consulting and training in P3O with PMOs since 2009. With the new textbook, we move to a 5-day training format with more new content and revised exams.

Course information is here, with courses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Or we can come to you for an in-house course.

P3O® is a Registered Trademark of AXELOS Limited. Yellowhouse is an APMG Accredited Training Organization and  Consulting Organization